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Common Cast Iron Pipe Issues in Fort Lauderdale that Need Repair

Common Cast Iron Pipe Issues in Fort Lauderdale that Need Repair

Posted in Pipe Repair, on April 23, 2024

Common Cast Iron Pipe Issues in Fort Lauderdale that Need RepairA surprising number of older homes in Florida and Fort Lauderdale feature cast iron pipes, an immensely favored piping material of the seventies. Though these piping sentinels last long, the relentless assault of time and elements causes corrosion and leakage. Unfortunately, the moist and salty environment in Fort Lauderdale makes the corrosion even worse! Thankfully, Broward Plumbing has been providing expert cast iron pipe repair in Fort Lauderdale for over two decades. Our advanced sewer camera inspection and trenchless technology can spare you from piping headaches and water damage. Here’s a look at cast iron pipe problems and essential restoration steps.

Identifying Cast Iron Pipe Issues

Detecting potential cast iron piping problems is crucial for timely action and preventing unsanitary pipe failure and costly damage to your Fort Lauderdale home. Telltale signs include:

  • Visible corrosion on exposed pipes
  • Foul smells from sewer gases
  • Slow drainage
  • Discolored water supply
  • Recurrent leaks and clogs
  • Frequent toilet backups 
  • Pest infestation in your yard/home

While these symptoms hint at underlying issues, a professional sewer camera inspection from Broward Plumbing can give an accurate picture. Our seasoned plumbers can identify the problem areas and determine requirements for cast iron pipe repair in Fort Lauderdale.

Cast Iron Piping Issues & Fixes

  • Corrosion: As iron oxidizes with time, older cast iron pipes can rust and corrode. As the rust flakes off, it causes weakened spots and holes or cracks within the pipelines. Biological waste also reacts with iron pipes and releases sulfide gases that further hasten the corrosion process. 
  • Foundation Cracks and Leaks: Cracks in your home’s foundation slab are an extreme consequence of cast iron pipe failure. Soil shifts or settling foundations can stress and crack cast iron pipes under your home’s foundation. The resultant leaks can be devastating—cracks in the foundation slab! Such foundation damage requires an immediate sewer camera inspection. The damage severity will determine excavation and the need for pipe replacement or repair. 
  • Blockages and Backups: If your toilet backs up or drains slowly on flushing, you probably have sewer line blockage. Debris, rust flakes, grease, and mineral deposits can accumulate to cause blockages in cast iron sewer pipes. The consequences? Reduced pipe flow and unsanitary backups! Professional hydro-jetting and mechanical snaking are effective methods for clearing clogs and restoring proper drainage. However, severely corroded sewer lines require cast iron pipe repair in Fort Lauderdale.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

While spot repairs can prolong cast iron pipe life, there comes a time when replacement becomes inevitable. Aging pipes can undergo widespread deterioration, necessitating replacement. Modern alternatives like PVC or trenchless pipe technologies can ensure reliability in the long haul without digging or excavation hassles.

Engage a reputable plumbing service like Broward Plumbing to evaluate your cast iron pipes with a professional sewer camera inspection. Our certified plumbers can gauge the state of your pipes through the robotic camera. If the complete pipe is badly corroded or damaged, replacement is necessary. Spot pipe repair can work if damage is confined to a small section. 

You can take the traditional or trenchless route to water line replacement or cast iron pipe repair in Fort Lauderdale. The conventional route involves months of digging(trenching), disruption, hefty labor, and new piping costs. Trenchless cast iron pipe repair in Fort Lauderdale is a superior alternative with quick completion and fewer disruptions. You can choose between ‘pipe or slip lining’ and ‘pipe bursting.’ These ‘trenchless’ options may cost upfront but are actually more pocket-friendly than digging up the home foundation.  

To conclude, old or corroded cast iron plumbing can fail without warning, leaving you with messy, troublesome repairs and a shrinking bank balance! You deserve trouble-free plumbing, and Broward Plumbing is here to provide it. Call us for expert cast iron pipe repair in Fort Lauderdale at the first whispers of distress and avoid costly disruptions. Take advantage of our advanced sewer camera inspection and trenchless repair technology. Enjoy superior work and  20+ years of plumbing expertise with Broward Plumbing.

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