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Most Common Water Heater Problems

Most Common Water Heater Problems

Posted in Hot Water Heater Repairs , on September 05, 2023

Water heater repair is an issue that needs to be dealt with promptly. The water heater is one of the most vital appliances in your home, helping you carry out daily household chores with efficiency. Often taken for granted, we realize our hot water heater’s value only when it acts up! At Broward Plumbing, we have plumbers in Boca Raton and plumbers in Fort Lauderdale, offering a wide range of plumbing services including water heater plumbing repairs.

Here is a list of the five most common signs you need a water heater repair by a plumbing company near you: 

Water Temperature Fluctuations or No Hot Water

water heater repair plumberNothing can be worse than no hot water in the middle of the freezing season! If you have absolutely zero hot water, it could be because of a broken heating element or gas thermocouple(if you have a gas-powered water heater). If the water is too hot or not hot enough, probably the thermostat needs adjusting. If that doesn't fix your temperature issues, or there is no hot water at all, contact a professional plumber for water heater plumbing repair. 

Smelly Water

If you detect smelly water from your water heater, it could be due to bacteria build-up in the water tank. You can try flushing the water tank with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, but if the smell still persists, you need professional water heater plumbing. 

Discolored Water

Dirty or rust-coloured water indicates rust or sediment build-up in the water tank. If not addressed immediately, the corrosion can cause a leak in the water tank and may even require replacement. If flushing the water tank with hydrogen peroxide and water solution  doesn't solve the problem, then your anode rod may need replacement. An anode rod prevents rusting, and replacing it can add years to the life of your water heater. 

Weird Noises

Whining, banging, and creaking noises from your water heater can be alarming. Sediment build-up is usually the culprit, as it comes in contact with the heating element, literally burning away the debris. Another reason for these weird noises may be heating element burn-out.  It’s probably time to call a water heater plumbing professional to replace the element if flushing the tank doesn't take care of the noises. 

Leaking Water Tank

A leak towards the top of your water heater tank could be due to a loose inlet-outlet pipe or a malfunctioning valve. A leaking water-tank with signs of rusting along the rims means that your heater has corroded and should be replaced asap.  A burst water tank is a safety hazard as well as a damaging one. We recommend calling in an expert water heater plumbing professional for expert diagnosis to avoid disasters & expensive repairs later on.  

Expert Water Heater Repair & Replacement Plumbers

When you search for water heater repair plumber in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, or Browrad County, look no further than Broward Plumbing offering superior plumbing solutions & water heater plumbing services, we are local, efficient, and experienced. Our trained & certified plumbers can carry out a full water heater inspection for correct diagnosis & affordable water heater repair.

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