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Tips to Help You Prevent Grease Clogs in Your Drains

Tips to Help You Prevent Grease Clogs in Your Drains

Posted in Drain Cleaning , on October 27, 2022

Many people are surprised to learn that grease and drains don’t mix, and consequently, they end up pouring cooking oils and fats directly down the kitchen drain. For the first few times, dumping grease down the drain won’t present an immediate problem, but after a few incidents, you will likely find yourself searching google for a plumber near me in Fort Lauderdale. 

Drain clogs as a result of grease can often be boiled down to homeowners not knowing how to properly dispose of their grease or not remembering that it should absolutely not be poured down their drain. To help prevent future clogs from grease and keep you from needing to call an emergency plumber in Fort Lauderdale, here are some tips to protect your plumbing. At Broward Plumbing, we offer a range of reliable plumbing services in Broward County and Boca Raton.

Learn What’s Too Greasy for Drains 

plumber in fort lauderdaleTo protect your pipes from clogging, it’s essential to learn what’s too greasy to be poured down the drains in the first place. Any substance that is high in fat or becomes solid at room temperature should not go near your drains, no matter the circumstances. Substances like bacon grease, fat, lard, or cooking oils (olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc.) can stick to the inside of your pipes, permitting them to clog over time. Other oil-based or fat-containing products like peanut butter, meat scraps, salad dressings, butter, and mayonnaise should also never be poured down the drain as they can cause clogging.

Alternative Grease Disposal Methods

As grease travels through pipes and sewers, these items harden and collect materials along the way. As a result, you’re left with clogged drains in your home and blocked sewers that can overflow and leak into other residential or commercial properties. When you’re finished cooking and are left with oils, fats, or grease, it’s crucial to dispose of them properly to avoid needing drain cleaning or pipe repair services from a professional plumber near you in Fort Lauderdale, like Broward Plumbing.

To dispose of your grease correctly, there are a few things you can do, including:

Wait for The Grease to Cool: After cooking, wait for the grease to cool. It will harden and allow you to scrape it out with ease. 

Pour The Liquid Into a Container: While your oil, grease, or fat is warm and still in liquid form, you can pour the continents into a container and throw it out once it solidifies or choose to reuse the hardened substance for cooking. 

Absorb With Newspaper: Old or unused newspapers can be used to effectively absorb grease, saving your drains from severe blockages.

Look Out for Signs of Drain Clogs 

To ensure your drains are up to par and not backed up, it’s essential to know and look out for the signs of clogged drains as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If you notice that your drains are not performing as they should, you need to contact a plumber in Fort Lauderdale before the problem persists and your pipes need to be replaced. The professionals at Broward Plumbing offer high-quality drain cleaning services and pipe repairs at a cost-effective price. 

Signs your drains are clogged:

  • Slow or ineffective draining
  • Visible food debris
  • Foul smell 
  • Gurgling noises
  • Multiple drains backed up (shower, toilet, bathroom sink, etc.)

Protect Your Pipes with Broward Plumbing & Plumbers Near Fort Lauderdale

At Broward Plumbing, our team is highly trained and experienced in pipe repairs and drain cleaning services. With years of first-hand experience, we know exactly what to do to effectively fix your clogged drains and have them running smoothly in no time.

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