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Traditional vs. Trenchless Methods for Cast Iron Pipe Repair

Traditional vs. Trenchless Methods for Cast Iron Pipe Repair

Posted in Pipe Repair, on March 25, 2024

Cast iron pipe repair is not the most exciting topic, but it’s important for keeping our plumbing in shape. When it comes to fixing those old pipes, you’ve got choices to make—traditional or trenchless methods. But how does one figure out which one’s better for your home? Worry not; Broward Plumbing professionals have you covered! Here’s a quick lowdown on traditional vs. trenchless pipe repair to help make a sound decision.

Traditional Repair Methods

Traditional vs. Trenchless Methods for Cast Iron Pipe RepairA dug-up yard, workers digging trenches like they’re on a treasure hunt, and your regular routine in shambles. That’s the traditional cast iron pipe repair method in a nutshell. Though it’s a time-tested method, traditional repair involves messy excavation and lots of time to reach the damaged section of the pipe. Apart from requiring significant disruption to your property, it can also get pricey. With more manpower and heavy machinery, conventional pipe repairs often have higher costs and longer downtimes.

Trenchless Repair Methods

Advances in modern plumbing have led to new trenchless pipe repairs that are a superior alternative to conventional repair techniques. Trenchless repair uses avant-garde plumbing technology to fix damaged pipes without the traditional repair drawbacks of extensive excavation. Specialized robotic cameras are used to access the pipe through existing entry points like cleanouts or access points. 

Once the problem piping areas are identified, a flexible epoxy tube(liner) is fitted directly into the existing pipe. The epoxy hardens or cures to form a brand-new structural pipe within the damaged pipe. The new liner is solid, 100% sealed, and free from pinholes, cracks, or other previous issues of the original piping. Trenchless repairs are thus accurate and don’t need all the digging that comes with the traditional methods. They might cost a bit more upfront, but they are worth every penny, considering the time and hassle you save.

Cost Comparison

Traditional cast iron pipe repair methods often come with a hefty price tag. The excavation process requires heavy machinery, skilled labor, and more time, which drives up the total repair bill. Conversely, trenchless methods can be initially expensive but offer long-run savings by minimizing the need for extensive restoration work. Additionally, trenchless repairs can be completed much more swiftly, reducing total labor costs.

Time & Labor Comparison

Time is precious—especially when tackling plumbing issues. Traditional pipe repairs can drag on for days, leaving you without water and disrupting your life. Instead of turning your property into a construction zone, trenchless methods are fast and accurate. We’re talking hours instead of days, with minimal hassles and downtime for you. Also, you won’t need a small army of workers trampling through your yard!

Environmental Impact

Traditional pipe repairs can be rough on the planet, with all the digging and disruption to the ecosystem. Trenchless methods are much gentler and leave a smaller footprint. The surrounding areas are mostly untouched, which is a positive for your yard and the planet. Trenchless repair also uses advanced, environmentally friendly materials that further reduce their ecological impact. 

The Takeaway

Traditional cast iron pipe repair methods may be familiar, but trenchless methods provide swift, accurate results with long-run cost advantages. Before deciding, consider the pros & cons, your budget, and the impact on your property and the environment. And if you need help making that decision, the experts at Broward Plumbing are always here to help!

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