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What Hot Summer Months Mean for Plumbing in Boca Raton

What Hot Summer Months Mean for Plumbing in Boca Raton

Posted in General Plumbing Services, on May 09, 2024

In South Florida, the heat is only ramping up. With every day expected to be hotter than the last, it’s important to understand how these weather patterns can affect your property and its essential infrastructure. One important system that can become damaged or altered during the extreme heat is your plumbing infrastructure, but because pipes and drains are not visually accessible to us on a daily basis, it can be difficult to assess how the temperature is affecting it. If you notice problems with your plumbing, contact a trusted plumber in Boca Raton or the nearby areas at Broward Plumbing for a professional assessment and high-quality repairs. 

Here are signs that the heat is compromising your plumbing system. 

Pipe Expansion 

What Hot Summer Months Mean for Plumbing in Boca RatonWhen the sun beats down on your property for days upon days and the ground begins to increase steadily in temperature, your plumbing infrastructure can quickly pay the price. In cities throughout South Florida like Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, this heat is unavoidable. As a result, metal used in pipes, joints, and other plumbing fixtures will expand. Under these conditions, expansion eventually results in cracks and malformations in the pipes which ultimately causes leaks and water damage. When pipe repair in Boca Raton is required, it’s of the utmost importance that a professional, certified, and licensed plumber in your area. 

What Happens When Your Pipes Expand

As your pipes crack due to heat-induced expansion your entire plumbing system becomes weaker and more susceptible to other damage like blockages and leaks. The more water gets trapped in bellies and diversions in the pipes, the more like they will collapse and stop working altogether. This problem is often made worse in South Florida by heavy mineral buildup from hard water in the region. 

At Broward Plumbing, our team has decades of experience allowing us to understand the intricacies of your plumbing infrastructure and enabling us to provide high-level repair services. We offer polybutylene pipe replacement, cast iron pipe repair, and plumbing hydro jetting services in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas. 

Sewage Back Up & Tree Roots

During the height of summer in South Florida, the growth of trees and other plants hit a peak. Trees are a popular option for Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale yards and landscaping as they provide a reprieve from the hot sun when spending time outdoors. But as trees grow continually their roots notoriously push themselves into sewer pipes causing harmful obstructions that inhibit the flow of water. Plumbing and sewage backups can be incredibly harmful to indoor air quality and the property itself, as dirty, contaminated water is pushed backwards through drains causing overflows. If your sewer lines have been compromised by tree roots and blockages, the plumbers in Boca Raton at Broward Plumbing are available for emergency repairs. Our emergency plumbers can be on-site in under an hour to conduct inspections and begin fixing the situation with innovative non-invasive solutions like trenchless pipe repair. Our skilled approach to pipe repair in Boca Raton helps protect your property and minimize costly damage. 

Why Address Heat-Damaged Plumbing 

When plumbing damage doesn’t seem to be causing imminent or immediate harm to your property, it can be tempting to hold off on pipe repairs and inspections until the situation worsens. However this is not the case. When heat-related problems occur, it’s important that you seek out a skilled, experienced, local plumber in Boca Raton for urgent repairs. Because the weather is only going to get hotter and your plumbing systems are used every day, it’s vital that critical repairs are scheduled promptly. As time passes, damages can cause more weakness in your pipes. With plumbing camera inspections, maintenance options like hydro jetting, and non-invasive options like trenchless pipe repair, your experts at Broward Plumbing can restore your property and minimize unwanted expenses. 

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