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What Not To Flush Down A Toilet

What Not To Flush Down A Toilet

Posted in General Plumbing Services, on November 26, 2021

plumbers Boca Raton & Fort LauderdaleLet’s admit it; most of us have unwittingly treated our toilet as a trash can at some point or the other. Then faced the consequences in the form of unpleasant toilet clogs and other unnecessary plumbing issues. While it may be tempting to flush things like paper towels, Kleenex, cotton swabs, and q-tips, these items could cause unwanted problems in your home’s plumbing system, which can quickly lead to you needing emergency plumbing services and scrambling to search online for a 'plumber near me'. Though flushing these items may not seem like a big deal, all plumbing companies agree that leaving them in the pipes for too long can cause significant clogs that will require the services of a reliable plumber for toilet repair services. Here’s the plumbers in Boca Raton and plumbers in Fort Lauderdale say about what you should never flush in the toilet: 

What To Never Flush

  • Paper Towels: Paper towels can easily clog your pipes when flushed in the toilet. Paper towels are thicker than regular toilet paper, and even a single paper towel can end up clogging your plumbing system. 
  • Disposable Wipes: The above logic applies to disposable wipes too. Thicker than toilet paper, these wipes don’t disintegrate on flushing. According to reputable plumbing companies, even the supposedly ‘flushable’ wipes are not safe to flush down the toilet.
  • Dental Floss: This surprising item in the un-flushable list is made of non-biodegradable plastic and should be trashed in the bin. Over time, it can clump and tangle together to form a formidable clog. 
  • Menstrual Products: Tampons and pads should be thrown in the trash and not flushed in the toilet bowl. These products are super absorbent and expand on flushing–they can choke your toilet and be disastrous for your plumbing! 
  • Diapers & Baby Wipes: Diapers are a big no in the flushable category! They are meant to absorb water and don’t break down on flushing. It is prudent to dispose of them in the trash. 
  • Hair: Our hair never dissolves in water and tends to clump together, catching other items in the drains. This causes slow drains and eventual clogs in your plumbing system that may require calling emergency plumbing services.
  • Plastic: Polythene bags or small pieces of plastic can block your pipes when flushed in the toilet as they are not biodegradable. 
  • Q-Tips and Cotton Balls/Pads: These items are also best disposed of in the trash. They do not disintegrate like toilet paper and only clump together to cause problems in your plumbing. Take care not to commit this flushing faux pax! 
  • Food: While flushing leftover baby formula or bread pieces may not clog the toilet, apple cores, bones, coffee grinds, etc., can block your plumbing pipes. Anyway, a toilet bowl is not the place to throw food–compost it instead!
  • Medicines: Never flush unused medication in the toilet as they should be discarded safely. While they may not clog your plumbing, they can get into the sewage system or round water to pose a health risk. 


Preserve Your Plumbing with Our Plumbers in Broward County

Being mindful of what we flush down our toilets can prevent aggravating clogs and plumbing issues. Remember, the toilet bowl is only meant for human waste and toilet paper! Dispose of things properly, and you won’t require Broward Plumbing’s 24X7 emergency plumbing service! If you still end up with an unfortunate toilet clog, contact the professionals at Broward Plumbing right away! 

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