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3 Things That Can Cause Your Hot Water Heater to Burst

3 Things That Can Cause Your Hot Water Heater to Burst

Posted in Hot Water Heater Repairs , on January 26, 2024

Hot water heater bursts can sneak up on you to cause unprecedented property damage and severe injuries. Thankfully, you can avoid frantic calls to an emergency plumber in Fort Lauderdale with timely inspections and routine water heater maintenance. Broward Plumbing, the county experts for water heater repair in Fort Lauderdale, can ensure a smoothly functioning unit for you. Meanwhile, here are three possible culprits behind water heater bursts.

Sediment Woes

3 Things That Can Cause Your Hot Water Heater to BurstPopping and knocking sounds from your water heater? You probably have sediment buildup, one of the primary causes leading to water heater bursts. Minerals and debris from hard water accumulate inside the water heater tank with use. The sediment layer slowly covers the heating element, forcing it to work harder to heat water. Excessive mineral buildup can trigger overheating, tank deterioration, and eventual rupture. You must flush the hot water tank annually to prevent sedimentation. Or call Broward Plumbing experts for maintenance and hot water heater repair in Fort Lauderdale. You can also install a water softener to minimize those pesky mineral deposits and buildup. 

Metal Corrosion 

Rust is another silent threat that can cause a hot water heater to burst. Contemporary water heater tanks are manufactured with steel and have a special sacrificial anode rod to protect the unit from rust. However, these rods can wear out. The tank starts corroding and can rupture eventually. Inspect the anode rods periodically and look out for warning signs like rust-colored water or pinhole leaks around the joints or base. Annual maintenance can help avoid dangerous tank bursts and visits by an emergency plumber in Fort Lauderdale.

High Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure in the hot water tank can exert undue stress on the appliance and trigger a possible burst. Though all safety-regulated water heaters have a Temperature and Pressure(T&P) relief valve, constant high pressure can wear it down and cause a malfunction. Leakage around the T&P valve indicates a water pressure problem–get a licensed plumber to inspect it. Installing a pressure-reducing valve in the plumbing system can regulate pressure and ensure safe, consistent water flow. The ideal pressure is around 120-125 degrees; check and adjust the pressure as needed and safeguard your heating unit. 

Performance & Safety with Regular Maintenance 

Simple, routine checks and preventive maintenance can evert the danger and financial burden of a burst hot water heater. Regular maintenance brings optimal performance, energy efficiency, and cost savings while extending the life of your appliance.

Signs of Hot Water Heater Issues

Recognizing the signs of hot water heater issues can prevent future mishaps. 

  • Rusty or gritty water
  • Strange clunking or banging noises while heating
  • Leaks around the base or TP Valve
  • Insufficient hot water
  • Inconsistent and erratic water temperature 
  • Low/High water pressure
  • Peculiar, ‘rotten egg’ smell

Safer Homes & Hot Water Heaters with Broward Plumbing

Sediment buildup, corrosion, and high water pressure are stealthy enemies that can jeopardize your hot water heater. Avoid the headache, damage, and expenses of emergency plumbing in Fort Lauderdale with routine upkeep and prompt repair. As the leading plumbing experts in Broward County, we understand the criticality of possible water heater bursts. Our experienced technicians respond fast to provide quick and affordable water heater repair in Fort Lauderdale. 

Don’t underestimate those hot water heater issues. Hire the Broward Plumbing specialists for safe, worry-free water heaters and homes.

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