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5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Polybutylene Pipes

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Polybutylene Pipes

Posted in Pipe Repair, on January 22, 2024

The era of polybutylene(Poly-B) pipes is definitely over. Once the star of plumbing, it’s now a headache for homeowners. So what went so wrong with Poly-B piping? Polybutylene pipes proved to have a high failure rate with time and use. They caused significant water damage with enormous repair costs. If you frequently call an emergency plumber in Boynton Beach, you should seriously consider polybutylene pipe replacement. Broward Plumbing is committed to keeping residents well informed about the silent risks of polybutylene pipes. Read our blog to learn about Poly-B piping history and the five critical reasons to replace them. 

History of Polybutylene Piping

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Polybutylene PipesPoly-B pipes made a sensational debut in residential plumbing in the 1970s. This plastic tubing material was easy to install, pocket-friendly, and flexible. The gray, blue, or white Poly-B pipes soon became a favorite with builders. In fact, it was extensively used in the Sun Belt region of Southern Florida, including Boynton Beach. Unfortunately, they proved to be notoriously damage-prone, causing significant water damage. Chlorine exposure and oxidation caused water contamination along with brittleness and breakage. Damage was worse for areas with plentiful sunlight–exposure to UV light hastened the deterioration and leakages. 

These extensive failures led to several class action lawsuits and the banning of Poly-B plumbing. Manufacturers and builders eventually discontinued Poly-B pipes. Unfortunately, homeowners were the worst affected and had no choice but to consider polybutylene pipe replacement. 

Five Critical Reasons to Replace Polybutylene Pipes

#1 Health Hazards

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of polybutylene piping is its health risk. These pipes tend to deteriorate with time. This chemical degradation leads to ‘flaking’ and the release of harmful substances into the water supply. This can cause your tap water to turn brown, yellow, or rusty. The water can also turn cloudy due to air bubbles caused by oxidation and pipe degradation. This chemical breakdown of Poly-B thus contaminates the water supply. Consumption of this contaminated water can be dangerous, and it can also pollute groundwater. If you notice a discolored water supply, immediately call an experienced plumber in Boynton Beach for polybutylene pipe replacement. The latest piping materials like PEX(Cross-linked polyethylene), copper, and PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) are durable and safe. Investment in Poly-B pipe replacement ensures safe and clean potable water in your home. 

#2 High Failure Rate

Poly-B pipes are notorious for their high failure rate. As they age, these pipes become extremely brittle, with numerous cracks and hidden leaks. Corrosion can lead to leaks around the fittings and connections of Poly-B piping. The sudden rupturing and failure of Poly-B pipes can trigger severe water damage, structural issues, rotting, and mold growth in your property. Considering complete polybutylene pipe replacement is a wise decision to mitigate the risk of sudden pipe failure. Poly-B pipe replacement costs are far less than the long-term costs of repairing water damage to your home. 

#3 Insurance and Property Value Implications

Insurance coverage for homes with Poly-B pipes can be a problem for homeowners in Boynton Beach and nearby areas. Most insurance providers are well aware of the high risks associated with polybutylene piping. Consequently, they are wary of providing insurance and either deny coverage or charge a steep premium. 

Unfortunately, the negative impact of Poly-B plumbing can extend to your home valuation. Prospective buyers may hesitate to invest in a property with known plumbing risks. Opt for complete plumbing replacement with sturdier and safer piping materials by an experienced plumber in Boynton Beach. This can ensure a smoother insurance process and enhance your home’s market value.

#4 High Repair and Maintenance Costs

The exponentially high costs of repairs and constant maintenance of polybutylene pipes can be a huge financial drain. With persistent leaks and failures, the repair costs can shoot up in the long run. Latest plumbing materials like CPVC, Pex, and copper boast excellent durability and require minimal maintenance or repair. Proactive pipe replacement can save you the trouble of extensive, expensive repairs and possible water damage.

#5 Environmental Implications

Poly-B pipe manufacturing, use, and disposal come with huge ecological costs. The harmful substances in polybutylene can leach into the ground and home water supply. The leaks and drips from this piping material also lead to water damage. Choosing eco-friendly plumbing alternatives like copper, PEX, and PVC is a sustainable choice that can minimize your environmental footprint. 

Make the Switch to Sustainable & Safer Piping Materials

Noticing frequent water leaks, drain, and sewer backups? Plagued by low water pressure? Are your polybutylene pipes over a decade old? A proactive piping inspection and poly-B repiping will save you these hassles. Given the history and dangers of Poly-B piping, the decision to replace them is wise. Whether the Poly-B pipes in your home will fail is impossible to predict. What is certain is that it’s high time you considered polybutylene pipe replacement to protect your home and the environment. Upgrading your pipes will ensure safe, potable water and stress-free plumbing. You’ll also minimize future repair costs, increase your home worth, and have a smoother plumbing insurance process.

Contemporary piping materials are durable, safe, and sustainable. PEX and PVC pipes are currently the best bet for plumbing. 

  • These pipes are incredibly flexible and easily installable. They can be bent, cut, and curved to fit your plumbing infrastructure. 
  • The pocket-friendly PEX & PVC pipes are a low-cost alternative to the pricier copper piping.
  • They are lightweight and highly durable. They can last up to fifty years with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • These pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and don’t react with chlorine or other chemicals in water. This makes them an ideal choice for sewer drains and outdoor plumbing. 
  • PVC pipes are resistant to scale and bio-form. Thus, they have negligible chances of buildup and microbial water contamination. 

Flawless Polybutylene Repiping in Boynton Beach 

Broward Plumbing is synonymous with plumbing expertise, ensuring worry-free plumbing for homeowners across Broward County. Our experienced plumbers in Boynton Beach have made hundreds of polybutylene pipe replacements with excellent results. Contact Broward Plumbing for a thorough assessment and competent advice on upgrading to PEX or PVC pipes. Safeguarding your home, health, and peace of mind is worth the repiping investment. 

Experience quality work, long-lasting results, and superlative customer service with Broward Plumbing. 

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