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Water Line Repiping

Both a commercial and residential water line may become susceptible to long term damage, mineral buildup and excessive water pressure.  If the water line pipes are broken, leaking and/or blocked, and not repiped and repaired right away, more severe damage can happen to your entire plumbing structure. For specialized water line repiping in Boca Raton, contact Broward plumbing.  We will respond quickly to any and all water line piping issues you may have, and will work proficiently to repipe your water line with the goal of creating a brand new plumbing system for your home or business.

A repiping service can be quite daunting for both home and business owners to wrap their head around. Broward plumbing is dedicated to making the repiping process as easy and efficient as possible. The typical home or business owner does not often think about repiping their system until a serious problem arises. By being preemptive and tackling the repiping process before an big issue appears, can avoid expensive future repairs while saving you money in the long run. Broward plumbing provides cost effective water line repiping in Boca Raton, for your residential and/or commercial property.

What is the definition of repiping?

Repiping is when brand new hot or cold water pipes are installed inside your home or business.  Repiping is set to change the presented copper or galvanized pipes that already exist on the property. The water line repiping in Boca Raton service is for incoming water only.

How to Decide Between Total Repiping vs. An Isolated Repair

Water line repiping in Boca Raton may seem like a major task for any homeowner, which is why it tends to be avoided in favor of performing isolated repairs throughout the property, as needed. Unreliable piping, nevertheless, even in remote areas in your home, may be symptomatic of a much larger issue with your entire piping system. Constant leaky pipes or water leaks can trigger substantial depreciation to your home especially in places where you aren’t able to visually pinpoint the issue.

Signs That You May Be In Need of Water Line Repiping in Boca Raton

  • A change in water pressure throughout your property
  • Change in the smell or the color of your water
  • Unusually higher costing water bills
  • Continuous leaks
  • If the current piping system is over 20 years old
  • If Poly B materials have been used

Poly B materials are no longer accepted in the State of Florida, however they are widely used throughout the U.S. as a less expensive alternative to the more traditional copper materials. From our experience at Broward plumbing, we have found that Poly B is more in need of repairs, since Poly B has less cross-links, lower pressure limits, and that it may have a difficult time tolerating extensive variations in both lower and higher temperatures. If your home has existing Poly B piping, water line repiping in Boca Raton is the suggested course of action to prevent costly repairs and severe damage, in the future.

What kinds of materials are used?

Copper and PEX are the two leading materials used for piping systems throughout the US. PEX is the inexpensive version of copper and is a requires an easy installation, making it a great choice for residential or commercial property owners. PEX is also extremely flexible and resilient to acidic elements. One major problem that arises with PEX materials, is that it is advised not be used outdoors and unlike copper, PEX can experience damage from UV light exposure. Additionally PEX cannot be connected straight to a water heater, like copper can. Copper has been a long-time material standard in the piping industry, because of its durability and its strong joints and connectors. Though, copper comes with a greater up-front cost than the alternative PEX, however one of the major benefits to selecting copper is its longer lifespan than PEX.

Popular Broward Plumbing Repiping FAQ

Is it best to repipe my entire plumbing system or only where the leak is emerging?
It is much more cost effective if you repipe, and with repiping comes a lot less damage to your property overall. Repiping is the most efficient and effective solution. When your pipes begin to stop working properly and/or experiencing leaks, this ends up consistently leading to future additional leaks coming from different locations.
Do I, or my tenants have to leave during a water line repiping service?
It is not essential for you to leave your residential or commercial property; however repiping will bring lot of action to your property. Not every room is worked in, and by the end of the first day of construction; at least one bathroom is accessible for use.

How long on average does repiping take?
A standard water line repiping service is normally broken up into 3 parts. First, repiping, usually takes 1 to 2 days, depending on the size of your property. Secondly, a city inspection may have to take place. Thirdly, the drywall holes are then patched up. Normally it takes 3-5 days total to complete the repiping service. A Broward plumbing technician will always provide you with more details during your free onsite estimate, before the repiping work begins.

Does a standard repiping include the drainpipes that run from the toilets and showers?
A water line repiping service will affect the hot and cold water system on your property. The waste or drain system is something that is taken care of separately.  At Broward plumbing our skilled technicians are able to provide you both, if needed. During your complimentary site visit, let us know that you have some apprehensions about your drainpipes and/or your waste system, and our plumbing specialist will be able to offer some different options to you.

When it comes to water line repiping in Boca Raton, Broward plumbing offers the most qualified experts in the State of Florida, along with budget friendly pricing. Call us today at 954.516.7777 to schedule your free onside estimate.

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