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6 Items Plumbing Experts in Boca Raton Find In Drains

6 Items Plumbing Experts in Boca Raton Find In Drains

Posted in Drain Cleaning , on June 03, 2022

plumbers boca raton drain cleaning One of the most common calls for a plumber near Boca Raton often pertains to a blocked drain. Anytime you have a clogged drain, the first thing that needs to be done by the plumbing experts in Boca Raton is determine what is actually causing the blockage. This can be challenging as you attempt to see what is clogging the drain, and by the time you get it cleared, there could already be more material backed up into it, in which case you will need an emergency plumber in Boca Raton or Broward County.

According to the plumbing experts in Boca Raton, drain problems don't only come from clogged drains or drains that are completely stopped up. Sometimes, you may be able to see through the drain with your naked eye or by looking through your home's drain camera that there are items inside of the drain that shouldn't be there. These items can cause plumbing problems as they continue to build up inside of your drain. 

This article will discuss the five weird items plumbers near Boca Raton find in drains.

The Top 6 Items Plumbers in Boca Raton Find In Drains

  1. Food – Every day, the average person eats up to 10 pounds of food, which can create a big mess to clean up. Every piece of food doesn't necessarily make it down your garbage disposer, so it then makes its way down your sink and gets stuck in your pipes. Fortunately, if this happens, it's easy to fix.
  2. Toys - If a toy gets flushed down a toilet, it could end up in your home's sewer line. While the toy has moved from one part of your house to the other, it's still in the wrong place and can cause serious plumbing issues. If your clogged drain has something in it that you didn't put there, don't do something you'll regret. There's a reason why your toilet has a "toilet only" indicator on it.
  3. Jewelry - Sinks, toilets, and bathtubs aren't the only places where you might drop your jewelry and not be able to find it again. If your ring falls down the drain, it could end up wedged in there with all of the other things that have made their way into your drains. Over time, this can cause serious damage to your pipes.
  4. Hair - It's not just human hair that can clog up your drains, but pet hair as well. If you have long-haired pets, you might want to keep a close eye on them when they're around your bathroom sink or tub so that they don't accidentally drop any hair into the drain. Even a small amount of hair can quickly turn into a big problem.
  5. Grease - Pouring hot grease down the drain might seem like a good way to get rid of it, but it will only solidify once it cools off and becomes even more difficult to remove. Grease is one of the leading causes of clogged drains, so it's best to avoid putting it down there in the first place.
  6. Soap Scum - Over time, soap scum can build up on the inside of your pipes and cause them to narrow. This makes it more difficult for water to flow through and can eventually lead to a clog. You can help prevent this by using less soap or investing in a quality pipe cleaner.

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