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What Can Cause Pesky Drain Clogs?

What Can Cause Pesky Drain Clogs?

Posted in Drain Cleaning , on July 06, 2023

Many homeowners can experience drain clogs or weak water pressure and cannot determine the cause. Many times, it’s from mineral buildup in your pipes. Especially in Boca Raton and South Florida where the minerals in municipal water are more prevalent, resulting in more frequent blockages. This factor often leaves you cleaning your sinks and unclogging your pipes. To alleviate this burden, plumbing companies can help. Broward Plumbing can help clean and replace plumbing systems or be on-site for emergency plumbing services. Call our plumbers in Boca Raton for any of your plumbing needs. 

Read below to learn how to address buildup in your pipes. 

What Causes Buildup?

drain cleaning plumber Boca RatonThe leading cause of water buildup is hard water. Calcium and magnesium are common minerals found in Boca Raton municipal water. Over time, these minerals can build up in the pipes. If not treated properly, build up can cause corrosion or leaks in the pipes. The buildup is prominent in cast iron pipes, so if you have cast iron in your plumbing system, you most likely experience hard water damage. 

Ways to detect there is a buildup in your pipes are to look for these indicators:

  • Reduced water flow
  • Higher water bills
  • Faulty water temperature

How to Eliminate Drain Clogs

If you are aware of buildup in your pipes, it’s crucial to handle it promptly. There are ways to fix it yourself; however, these fixes are only temporary. 

  • Vinegar: Calcium can be broken down with acids. A common remedy is pouring vinegar into the drain. The downfall of this method is that vinegar can damage your plumbing. Vinegar would also have to sit in the pipes for 24 hours in order to clear all your pipes from buildup, stopping all water supply to the house. 
  • Pipe cleaner: Another method is a pipe or drain cleaner. CLR or Drano can help, however, only temporarily. With these chemicals, you essentially deposit dangerous chemicals into your water supply that can leave traces of toxins in your drinking water. 
  • Pipe replacement: If you cast iron or polybutylene pipes, it may be time to replace them. There are better choices for your plumbing systems than these two, as both have many disadvantages. If there is a buildup in your pipes, it’s best to schedule cast iron pipe repair or Poly-B pipe replacement all together to eliminate the root cause of the buildup. 
  • Hydro Jetting: This method includes high pressure water streams to go in and through your pipes. This can clear any sort of buildup within your pipes. This procedure must be done by a professional as it requires specialized equipment and techniques. 

Contact a plumber in Boca Raton with Broward Plumbing to figure out what your best option is. We will advise you on what is best for you, your plumbing system, and your bank. 

How to Prevent Pipe Build Up?

If you are not experiencing severe issues with your plumbing system in terms of buildup, it may still be a good idea to take preventive measures so you don’t run into those problems in the future. The function of a water softener is in the name. It works as a filtering system where the minerals are extracted from the hard water, supplying the house with soft water. This relieves your pipes of mineral buildup, lengthening the lifespan of your plumbing system. 

The best solution to no mineral buildup in your pipes is to switch to PVC pipes. These are recommended as they are corrosion-resistant, leak-free, chemical-resistant and lower cost. The installation process is very short, and the longevity of this plumbing system is much longer.

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