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Ways Your Water Heater May Be At Risk

Ways Your Water Heater May Be At Risk

Posted in Hot Water Heater Repairs , on January 14, 2022

water heater repair plumber Boca RatonWater heaters are the proverbial workhorses of your home. Without a properly working water heater, the normal functioning of your house can come to a standstill. So, how can you get some more life out of your hot water tank and ensure it’s working at peak efficiency? When it comes to the water heaters, there’s no question that the durability of these appliances has changed. Nowadays, they're built to withstand harsh conditions. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn't still keep it on your radar with regular inspections by an expert plumber near Boca Raton. There are times when your tank requires repair or even replacement. Make sure you read over this guide before deciding whether you need to get a new tank or if your existing unit just needs servicing by a reputable plumbing company in Boca Raton.

Why Do You Need To Service Your Tank? 

Did you know that faulty hot water heaters are amongst the top reasons for water damage? The major component of a hot water tank is its heating element. It is responsible for converting the gas, electric, or other energy into heat and then sending it through your system. If the element becomes damaged, the tank will not heat up water for essential chores around the home. Malfunctioning water heaters can be extremely inconvenient; regular inspection and service by a plumber in Boca Raton can help keep it running efficiently. 


Why You May Need Water Heater Repair

Apart from damage to the heating element, there are several other reasons for a faulty water heater. In fact, your appliance may be at risk of leaks or even exploding! Here’s what can cause you to need a hot water heater repair in Boca Raton:

Rust & Corrosion

Most modern water heater tanks are made of steel, which has good corrosion resistance. However, even the sturdiest of materials can start to corrode with time. To prevent rusting and corrosion, water heaters are fitted with a sacrificial anode rod that rusts in place of the tank. However, once it deteriorates, the water starts corroding the internal water tank. This internal corrosion, combined with external rusting, can cause your water heater to leak or even burst. Periodic inspection and preventive maintenance service by a professional plumbing company in Boca Raton can extend the lifespan of your water heater. To prevent internal tank corrosion, one should replace the sacrificial anode rod every 5 years to avoid internal tank corrosion.

Sediment Build-up

If your area has hard water, there is a greater risk of mineral deposits in the water tank. This sediment build-up acts as insulation, so the heating element takes longer to heat up the water. This can cause overheating, which can eventually deteriorate the tank. 

Excessive Internal Pressure

Water heaters have an internal temperature & pressure-relief valve that prevents excessive pressure build-up inside the hot water heater. The valve releases the excess pressure, thereby preventing your water heater from bursting. Unfortunately, the valve can wear out with use and stop working. 

Expert Water Heater Plumbers Serving Boca Raton

Regular checks and preventive maintenance can go a long way to ensure a trouble-free water heater. Minimize the risk of water heater leaks and unexpected breakdowns with periodic inspection and servicing from the pros at Broward Plumbing. Contact us today for the best plumbers in Boca Raton and unparalleled customer service! 

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